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    Life in the slow lane.

    Fly fishing. The quiet sport. You do it for the experience. To relax and get away from it all: the boss, the meetings, the reports–whatever. To stand in a river and wave a stick, surrounded by rushing water. Fighting incredible fish (or not!). In the most beautiful places in the world. And what better icon of the quiet sport than a bamboo fly rod.

    With classic styling, extensive workmanship, and totally unique flex action, immerse yourself in the mystique of fishing a fine-crafted bamboo fly rod. Take a look at Headwaters Bamboo. The exceptional quality Headwaters bamboo rods are designed to be accessible to all fly anglers. And all our rods have a lifetime warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee

    Get on the water today with a Headwaters bamboo fly rod. Experience fly fishing nirvana in the slow lane.


    Bamboo . . . An unparalleled angling experience.


    Flex. Momentum. Power.

    You better believe it. Bamboo has remarkable flex action. Make your casts effortless and buttery smooth. [Learn more]

    Elegance. Beauty.

    Bamboo will take your breath away—the craftsmanship is exquisite. Delight in its workmanship and grace. [Learn more]

    Bamboo. It’s green.

    Really green. Bamboo is natural, rapidly renewable, yielding a superb handcrafted angling tool. [Learn more]

    Headwaters Is All About Accessible Bamboo Fly Rods

    Headwaters Deluxe Series bamboo fly rods are a slightly darkened bamboo and rubbed out for an elegant matte finish. The reelseat has an elegant burled wood insert and double locking nuts to keep your reel secure. The cork grip is a reversed half wells. The guides are wrapped red with a black tip. And the stripping guide is dressed out in classic agate.


    The St. Joe Class Fly Reel

    The St. Joe classic fly reels are a machined click-and-pawl action fly reel to complement your Headwaters bamboo fly rods. You can learn more here.

    EB Series Weight Forward Fly Line

    One of the most asked questions we get is “what fly line should I use with my Headwaters bamboo fly rod?” In response, we designed the Headwaters EB (Extended Belly) Series fly lines. You can learn more here.



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    Introducing the Clark Fork Classic Fly Reel and LX Silk Fly Line

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    Clark Fork Classic Fly Reel

    Headwaters Bamboo all about affordable quality classic fly fishing products. The Clark Fork reel is a new addition to the product line up. A classic handmade click and pawl action reel to go right along with your Headwaters bamboo fly rod.

    The Clark Fork Series reel is a modern-day shout out to the classic days of fly fishing. Inspired by reels by Edward vom Hofe of the late 1800s, the classic S-handle and black vented side panels present a quality classic fly reel to the modern fly angler.

    Contemporary manufacturing methods and materials allow for consistent weight and precise construction, and the clicker drag system is unparalleled in its simplicity and durability. Machined of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum billets, this classic trout reel will be the heirloom reel that you’ll pass down to your posterity, after a lifetime of use on rivers and streams.

    The Clark Fork requires no adjustment for left or right-side retrieve.  Simply wind your line in the direction needed and you’ll be ready to go. The internal click and pawl action is designed to function ambidextrous.

    Price: $248

    Click here to shop for the Clark Fork Classic Fly Reel.

    Click here to shop for the Classic Outfit – Get the rod, reel, and line at a discount.

    ModelDiameterWeightLine WeightCapacity
    CF252.5”4.2 ozWF3F-4FWF3F + 50 Yds 20# Dacron
    CF303.0”5.2 ozWF5F-6FWF5F + 75 Yds 20# Dacron


    Headwaters Classic LX Silk Line

    Our Classic LX Silk Lines are individually crafted by hand using the finest quality pure Chinese silk. The taper is built by braiding the lines.

    Natural silk fly lines require a little more care, but the benefits are remarkable. The control and power gained allows for better distances and greater accuracy. The lines are narrower than modern plastic lines allowing for more delicate fly presentation. In addition, you will lift from the water surface quicker and smoother and they are less susceptible to air resistance in windy conditions. Finally, with proper care, silk lines will last longer.

    One line, three different line types. With the use of Mulicin as a floatant, you will have a floating line. Leave the tip section ungreased for a sinking tip. Or wipe the line clean of Mucilin for a full sinking line.

    This Double Taper line comes with care instructions and a tin of Mucilin.

    Price: $128

    Click here to shop for the Classic LX Silk Fly Line.

    Click here to shop for the Classic Outfit – Get the rod, reel, and line at a discount.

    ModelLengthFlotationTaperLine Weight
    LX390 feetFloating–add Mucilin. Sinking–no Mucilin. Tip Sink–No Mucilin on tipDouble Taper3-WT
    LX490 feetFloating–add Mucilin. Sinking–no Mucilin. Tip Sink–No Mucilin on tipDouble Taper4-WT
    LX590 feetFloating–add Mucilin. Sinking–no Mucilin. Tip Sink–No Mucilin on tipDouble Taper5-WT
    LX690 feetFloating–add Mucilin. Sinking–no Mucilin. Tip Sink–No Mucilin on tipDouble Taper6-WT


    Click here to shop for the Classic Outfit – Get the rod, reel, and line at a discount.

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