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Deluxe Series Rods are available in all six tapers and include two tips.

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Bamboo rods. Classic and timeless.

Why Fish Bamboo?

Bamboo . . . an unparalleled angling experience.

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Flex. Momentum. Power.

You better believe it. Bamboo inherently has remarkable flex action. This enhanced arc is a loading multiplier that generates amplified momentum, making your casts effortless and buttery smooth. [Click here to learn more]

Elegance. Beauty.

A bamboo rod will literally take your breath away—the craftsmanship is exquisite in its fine detail. You will come to delight in the workmanship and grace of bamboo. [Click here to learn more]

Bamboo. It’s green.

Really green. Bamboo is a natural, rapidly renewable material, yielding a superb handcrafted tool for the conscientious fly angler. [Click here to learn more]
Reviews and Testimonials

Read what folks are saying about us.

We love fishing your rods. We use them when we instruct casting and they are great tools to get people to feel loading of the rod and the gentle rhythm that comes with bamboo.


I personally think the blanks are good.  I have had many visitors to the shop try them and their opinion is typically “Wow! This rod casts great!”


…nothing synthetic rivals the natural look and feel of a rod made from fine Tonkin cane…tpw_cover

Now a new line of fly rods from Headwaters Bamboo Rod Co. is designed for anglers on a modest budget who don’t want to wait months for a rod.cjmain_sm

Features unusually fast actions for cane rods…eff_cover

The proof in the rod is, of course, in the fishing and I’ve used this rod extensively since I received it. Fishing for trout on the Yakima in spring and on some of my favorite sea-run cutthroat rivers since late summer…  the rod was fully up to handling them all.


…I was pleasantly surprised by the smooth, graceful action. The Santiam model we threw had a very relaxed, medium action load, and great presentation.HCA-Winter-07coverforweb

My companion on these adventures has been this outstanding little 4-weight Bamboo with a mid- to fast-action and a solid spine that is constructed of revered Tonkin bamboo…Rackelhanen

Rod’s here, and it’s BEAUTIFUL! Loaded same with the new reel/sylk line-leader and was out at 50’ish feet with just a few flicks. Was too cool having to pull more line off the reel and the rod wanted ‘more.’

I bought my Santiam River 7′ 4wt nearly 10 years ago when you first began–love the rod and it has been almost all over the world and everywhere I go people rave about the craftsmanship; I just rave about how great it is!

My new Santiam FAR exceeded my expectations, and was responsible for the fish of the trip, a 19-inch cutt on a hopper.  However, fishing with a partridge and green soft hackle, it was almost a fish a cast!  Bamboo is perfect for this fly!  Thanks so much for a superior rod–it’s perfect for this type of fishing!

I just received my new rod and could not be more pleased. The workmanship is just superb; it is everything I could expect and more.

You should be proud and I will be sure to recommend your fine product to everyone.

I have some friends who have bamboo rods that were more expensive but do not stand up to the quality and fine workmanship.  I’m happier than a small child with a new pony.

I am extremely pleased with the quality and workmanship. I am convinced that one could not buy a better rod anywhere for the price. Keep up the good work.

I was looking for a rod that I would not be afraid to use and was reasonably priced with a warranty.  It worked well for with me. Because we have a lot of small water here the rods (4wt/7ft) are perfect for this area.

Just to say, I’ve had remarkable fun using your rods. Bamboo is cool to cast, and is effortless for long periods of time. I’ve had lots of all-day sessions on the water and afterwards I just feel better.

I purchased a 4 weight Deluxe rod from you a few years ago and must say it’s a fine product.

Of Bugs, Fish, Water, and Vintage Fly Angling.

So, why do you fly fish?

Winter on the ProvoPeople love fly fishing for many reasons. For some, it’s a connection they feel with nature. Whether it’s wading in a mountain stream, casting from a boat on a local lake, or fishing in a roiling freestone river, fly fishing helps them get into the outdoors. For others, fly fishing is a means of relaxing, unwinding, and clearing their minds. But there is one common thread among all of them, and that’s that fly fishing is a fascinating way to fish.

Henry Winkler said it like this: “The River is like a washing machine for my brain.” We kind of like that.

So why is it that you fly fish?