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Exceptional quality bamboo rods, classic machined fly reels, and fly lines.

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    Life in the slow lane.


    Fly fishing. The quiet sport. You do it for the experience. Relax and get away from it all: the boss, the meetings, the reports. Stand in a river and wave a stick surrounded by rushing water. Fighting incredible fish (or not!). In the most beautiful places in the world. 

    And what better icon of the quiet sport than a bamboo rod with classic styling, extensive workmanship, and totally unique flex action. Immerse yourself in the mystique of fishing a fine-crafted bamboo fly rod. Take a look at Headwaters bamboo. The exceptional quality Headwaters bamboo rods are designed to be accessible to all fly anglers. And all our rods have a lifetime warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee

    Get on the water today with a Headwaters bamboo fly rod. Experience fly fishing nirvana in the slow lane.


    Bamboo . . . An unparalleled angling experience.


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    Flex. Momentum. Power.

    You better believe it. Bamboo has remarkable flex action. Make your casts effortless and buttery smooth. [Learn more]


    Elegance. Beauty.

    Bamboo will take your breath away—the craftsmanship is exquisite. Delight in its workmanship and grace. [Learn more]


    Bamboo. It’s green.

    Really green. Bamboo is natural, rapidly renewable, yielding a superb handcrafted angling tool. [Learn more]

    New Rod Updates for 2016

    Headwaters has made a few changes for 2016. First, the finish. Just a touch darker and rubbed out for an elegant matte finish. Next, the reelseat with double locking nuts to keep your reel secure. And finally, the stripping guide, dressed out in classic agate. There you have it. New for 2016 at Headwaters. Now is the perfect time to get a Headwaters rod.


    More New Products for 2016!

    We’ve been working hard this winter at Headwaters to bring new products to the table. We are excited to announce classic reels and fly lines designed specifically for the Headwaters bamboo rods.

    St. Joe Classic Fly Reel

    The St. Joe classic fly reels are here! Now is the time to complement your bamboo rod with a classic bronze machined fly reel. You can learn more about these new reels here.

    EB Series Weight Forward Fly Line

    One of the most asked questions we get is “what fly line should I use with my Headwaters rod?” In response, we’ve designed the Headwaters EB (Extended Belly) Series fly lines. You can learn more about these new lines here. As well, learn how you can get this fly line for free!

    EB Fly Line

    Earn cash or a FREE Headwaters rod!

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