Trout Unlimited Fundraising


Headwaters Bamboo Aims to Help with Fundraising

We know that Trout Unlimited chapter fundraising can be hard. We also know that having a bamboo fly rod at your fundraising auction has an appeal that garners attention and excitement. Over the years, we’ve helped a number of chapters with their fundraising efforts by offering a Headwaters Bamboo rod at wholesale price. We’ve now developed a program where we can do more.

Headwaters Bamboo Now Has TWO Ways to Help

  1. The chapter may purchase a Deluxe Series (2-pc, 2-tip) bamboo rod at the wholesale price of $265 ($398 retail price). Just let us know that you’d like to participate and we’ll send you a coupon code to make the wholesale purchase.
  2. The chapter can get a Deluxe Series bamboo rod free of charge if you get 250 chapter members to sign-up for our newsletter. They will also receive a 30% off coupon for their personal use.

Here’s How to Get a Bamboo Rod Free of Charge:

  1. The chapter notifies Headwaters Bamboo that you’d like to participate.
  2. Headwaters Bamboo will create and send a sign-up page link unique to your chapter.
  3. The chapter shares this link with members via email or by adding the link to the chapter homepage and promoting it to members.
  4. Members click the link and sign-up for a 30% off coupon that can be used for any Headwaters Bamboo product. Note: the link tool is set up for members to easily share with their fly fishing friends, so getting to 250 sign-ups can be an easy process.
  5. Once 250 members sign-up, Headwaters Bamboo will provide the chapter with a Deluxe Series bamboo rod.

Questions or Ready to Get Started?

  1. Just send an email to to begin the process. Or you can call 1.866.432.3928.
  2. We’ll ask for 1) Chapter name, 2) Contact Information, and 3) Fundraiser date.