The New Classic fly Reels and Headwaters EB Fly Lines!

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Classic Machined Fly Reels

Headwaters is now offering the St. Joe classic fly reels machined of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized in a rich bronze. These simple click-and-pawl action reels are the perfect complement to a traditional Headwaters bamboo fly rod. 

The St. Joe classic fly reel is the choice for fly anglers looking for a classic, yet economical, fly reel for Headwaters bamboo rods. This reel is engineered to be light, smooth, and tough, using modern machining techniques and materials. The St. Joe click-and-pawl drag system is a nod to fly angling tradition–there is nothing complicated with this reel. These reels will make for great moments on the water. The St. Joe matches perfectly in looks and performance with Headwaters bamboo rods.

The reel may be used as right- or left-hand retrieve.

The St Joe classic fly reels sell for $98 and come in a 2 ½-inch version for 3- and 4-weight line rods and a 3-inch version for 5- and 6-weight line rods.



EB Fly Line

The Headwaters Extended Belly (EB) Weight Forward Fly Lines

One of the most asked questions we get is “what line should I use with a Headwaters bamboo rod?” The flex action and narrower-than-typical guides on the Headwaters bamboo fly rods make for unique mechanical dynamics. This winter we hit the design table to develop a line that can shoot the guides quickly as well as handle the extended flex action of bamboo. We think we’ve come up with a pretty good solution.

The result of this effort is the Headwaters Extended Belly (EB) Weight Forward fly lines. The extended belly allows the weight forward lines to cast similar to double taper lines, but with the added weight up front, shooting the guides quickly and smoothly. In addition, the lines are slightly over weight to allow anglers to feel the load a little better and turn over larger bugs. And they’re good for pickup/set down casts without a lot of false casting.The EB lines sell for $48 each and come in WF3F, WF4F, WF5F, and WF6F to match the Headwaters bamboo rod product lines. The lines are 90 feet in length.

Get on the water with the new St. Joe classic fly reel and EB line from Headwaters!

4 thoughts on “The New Classic fly Reels and Headwaters EB Fly Lines!

  1. Your reel looks Wonderful, i wish I had waited or known before, I am thinking on replacing my 5wt reel what are the weights ?

    1. The 3-inch is for 5-wt and 6-wt rods. The 2-1/2-inch are for our 3-wt and 4-wt rods.

  2. Hi, I too wish I had held off a bit longer when I bought my pride and joy bamboo rod. The 2.5″

    bronze/brown reel and my 4 wt would go together like a pair of gloves. What would it cost me for just the 2.5″ brown reel ?

    Jack Pangburn
    Flityr, artist and author

    1. Hi Jack,

      The reels go for $98. Here’s a little deal for you: Use coupon code LITTLEDEAL at checkout for 10% off plus free shipping. Thanks for the good word.

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