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Deluxe Series Rods by Headwaters Bamboo are an elegant and exciting way to enjoy the thrill of fly fishing. Each Deluxe Series rod is two piece and includes two tip sections, traditional to bamboo to relieve the pressure on the natural material when fishing over consecutive days. The Deluxe Series rods come with a rod sock and aluminum tube.

Master Classic Styling

Enjoy the tradition of classic craftsmanship with the Deluxe Series rods. These rods feature a finely knurled double locking nut downlocking reel seat, stabilized burled maple insert, ultra fine cork grip, and red agate stripping guide. The hard chrome guides are wrapped in deep burgundy windings with a narrow black tip.

Warranty and 30-Day Guarantee

Rest assured in your purchase with our standard lifetime warranty for the original owner and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Try it at no risk and if you are not completely satisfied, just send it back for complete refund, no questions asked.

The rods are available in six tapers (rod sizes). Click on the tapers listed below to learn more about each of these rods.

1200x600 Deluxe


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12 reviews for Deluxe Series | 2-pc, 2-tips

  1. Ken Price

    I have had my Santiam 7′ Med action for about four years. It has proven to be quite the value and a real “pride” to own. Over the years, I have spoofed many of my Fly Fishing buddies by convincing them I own a beautiful $2,000 classic Bamboo Fly Rod. It does make them take a very close look. The quality components feel great in my hand. I live on a small lake on Whidbey Island in Washington and have given a sore lip to many 11-15″ Rainbows with this cool little rod. I fish from an old canoe and it is the perfect size for canoe fishing with my “Goldendoodle” on board.

    It did fail my test of stepping on it with the full weight of my 215 pound body. I sent my busted rod back to Headwaters and their repair service is as good as their rods. A good bang for your buck.

  2. Jerry Griffin

    Jerry Griffin
    I thought you might enjoy seeing the results of our Senior guides trip to Kelly Creek last week. The weather was great, and so was the fishing! My new Santiam FAR exceeded my expectations, and was responsible for the fish of the trip, a 19-inch cutt on a hopper.

    Fishing with a partridge and green soft hackle, it was almost a fish a cast! Bamboo is perfect for this fly! Thanks so much for a superior rod-it’s perfect for this type of fishing!

  3. Cath Gliottoni

    Last winter (2013-2014) was so bad in Illinois, I rewarded myself with a Headwaters Rogue Deluxe 7’6″, medium fast 5wt, bamboo fly rod. 3 days after ordering there was a bamboo rod on my doorstep. As soon as the weather broke I discovered that there were fish in my bamboo rod. All that I had heard about bamboo rods was true and then some! Unique feel, gorgeous design, smooth performance, and Headwaters’ fantastic price.

  4. Longbow

    I purchased the Metolius a few years ago planning to use it when I retired. Last year I began to use it but it broke at the bottom ferrule.

    Headwaters responded quickly and it was repaired with minimum cost and expeditiously. I used it for a couple of trips last year and it was a delight to cast. It will be my favorite small stream/river rod from now on. It just feels right.

  5. Ted Larrison

    I purchased my Headwaters Bamboo Deluxe Rogue 7’6″ 5 Wt. medium fast action last year. The company, in particular, David Rogers, was easy to work with and assisted me in making my decision about the rod. He suggested that I get a medium fast rod since I had never fished with a bamboo rod and agreed with my assumption that the transition would be easier from a graphite rod. I have been extremely pleased with the rod and have felt fortunate to bask in the compliments from fly fishing friends who build bamboo rods. After extremely close inspection and making several casts they were as pleased and impressed with the rod as am I.

    The bamboo rod took some getting used to since it is much slower to load and cast that graphite. It is also heavier. I already have 3 and 4 weight graphite rods and wanted a shorter rod to use on some of the narrower streams I get an opportunity to fish in the Driftless area in Wisconsin and smaller streams in Michigan and it has served me well on small streams but I also used it to land a lot of fish last summer on the Norfork River in Arkansas. Excellent value as new bamboo rods made in the US are often very expensive.

  6. jerzy pawlowski

    I just purchased a Headwaters Metolius fly rod, it’s a very elegant looking bamboo rod, the guides, ferrules, reel seat all appear to be quality, tried for the first time last night, what a beautiful casting dry fly rod, I’m using a DT5F line and a 12′ leader, real good caddis hatch, caught and released 2 healthy browns and 2 rainbows, what a blast on that 7.5′ light bamboo fly rod.

  7. Bill Mogren

    I own two Deluxe Headwaters bamboo rods, a 4 wt. purchased in 2010 and a 5 wt. purchased in 2015. Both have performed extremely well and are a joy to cast, especially when roll casting. I have fished both rods extensively on many Michigan trout streams and they have held up well. A good test came this spring when a wild 22″ Pere Marquette brown rose to a dry fly in strong current. The 5 wt. handled it superbly with enough backbone to steer the fish out of a log jam and into the net.

  8. Dan Ditzler

    If you haven’t tried one yet, what are you waiting for? I’m not a bit sorry I got one. Fishes like a dream & reminds me of one I had in the late 50s.

  9. Capt. Jim Barr

    I absolutely love my Deluxe 7’6″ Rogue Medium Fast action rod in a 5wt. I always wanted to fish a bamboo rod but never wanted to fork over big dough in order to do it. I paired it with an Orvis C.F.O. III carrying an Orvis Hydros Dual Taper Trout line in a 5wt. It’s lovely.
    Capt. Jim Barr
    Newport, RI

  10. Jeremy Reeder

    I received one from my wife as an anniversary present about 7 years ago. A 6′ 6″ Dickerson taper. I won’t forget all the fish that I’ve caught with the grass instead of fiberglass or graphite since then. The Headwaters rod made bamboo affordable for me and got me started and I still love the rod today. A bamboo rod in your hands will come alive. Go ahead, give it a try!

  11. J. E. “Mike” Tobey

    I recently bought the Deschutes with the larger St. Joe reel. It is pretty much a twin of the rod my grandfather let me use when he taught me fly fishing nearly 60 years ago. I know what to look for and this combination is first class. Guides are perfectly concentric and are wrapped with equal precision. There are no lumps, nor unnecessary extra wraps. The guides are spaced as required by the taper. The overall workmanship looks like the product of a custom maker-it is only missing my name personalizing it. Now, I will be fishing very small streams and small rivers in Iowa ( 6 sinking tip ) for now, with trips to Michigan for steelhead. With the length and taper, I can go up on line to 7 and I know I will not have to learn new technique to accommodate a fast or short rod. Anything less than 8 feet is short to me. I am used to a smooth and steady action-just real old I guess (71). Perhaps even more important than the product is the way I have been treated by David. He has been helpful and I have faith in his company and its future because quality and attention to individual customers make all of the difference. This Fall, my little long-coat Chihuahua and I will be fishing and camping in NE Iowa and Michigan “thrashing the waters to a foam” and loving every minute of it. Thank you, Headwaters. Thank you, David Rogers

  12. cladwig

    What a great rod! I was a bamboo novice (someone told me it would be easier on a sore arm). David walked me through the options on his chat line and answered in detail my skepticism at being able to purchase a high-quality bamboo fly rod at a fraction of even the Orvis price. When I had a bit of trouble with one of the tips, I had an exchange in hand within a week at no cost with free shipping. You just can’t expect more of a company than that. I am a customer for life. (I confess that I as some other Headwaters customers show the deluxe series to my fishing friends without mentioning the price, letting them assume I have just come into a large inheritance.)

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