A Private Invitation to Discover Bamboo for just $299

We thank you for taking a look at our bamboo fly rods. It is our desire to convert more fly anglers to bamboo to experience its unique material qualities.

So here’s the invitation:

Experience a Field Grade Series Headwaters bamboo rod for just $299.

Why would we be willing to make such an amazing invitation to new customers?

It’s simple. We’re betting that many of our new customers will behave just like our existing customers: you won’t be able to stop with just one! We are convinced that your experience with this first rod will be so good that you’ll eventually be back for another. And another. Prove us wrong, that’s fine. But we have hundreds of customers who have purchased over and over and that’s why we can offer this great first time private invitation.

You’ll get our RISK-FREE trial conditions: Wiggle it, cast it, and fish it for 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll do an exchange or refund—no questions asked. But a caution—with a Headwaters rod in hand, it’s hard to let go. Where else can you get a relaxed private audition of classic bamboo on your own time?

You have no reason not to try a Headwaters bamboo rod.

Act now. This invitation is available for a limited time.

To get your invitation rod, just click here and use coupon code PRIVATE299 at checkout.

Order in the next 24 hours using coupon code 24PRIVATE299 and we’ll add the aluminum tube FREE (another $35 value!).

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Don’t just take our word for it.

We have thousands of happy customers now fishing accessible bamboo as well as experts in the industry who are thrilled with this product.

“It was far more responsive than I expected, it controls a lot like a traditional rod, but with a little more ease and flair. It’s easy to see why Headwaters has gained such a loyal customer base. Quality bamboo at a reasonable price!”

-Frank Martin, Publisher, High Country Angler

“These are powerful, fun-to-cast, yet delicate, fine-tipped rods that allow for excellent casting distances and pinpoint accuracy.”

-Product Review, Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine

Give a Headwaters bamboo rod a try today.


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