How does Headwaters Bamboo do it?

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The Value of a Headwaters Bamboo Fly Rod

If you’ve ever looked into bamboo fly rods, you’ll know that rods typically sell from about $1,200 to over $4,200! So you may be wondering how Headwaters Bamboo can build and sell a quality bamboo fly rod in the range of $600-$700? Well, here’s the deal:

How can Headwaters Bamboo do this?

Factory-built. Headwaters Bamboo builds high-quality rods in high volume to tight specifications for consistent product and lower cost.

Production vs. Custom Product. Most of our competitors build custom product with very high-end components. We build in production batches with standard-grade components (the same components that are going on a typical quality-built graphite rod–except that we put a classic agate stripping guide on every rod).

Sell direct to you. We don’t have to account for wholesaler or retailer margins. You get the savings.