The environmentally green tall grass.

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Bamboo is green. Really green.

It is a natural, renewable material. And this yields a superb handcrafted tool for the environmentally conscientious fly angler.

Bamboo has a positive reputation when it comes to the environment. It grows quickly, earning it the moniker of a rapidly renewable resource as opposed to a plain old renewable resource, a title given to everything from trees to corn to chicken feathers. It doesn’t need pesticides or much water, it pulls carbon dioxide out of the air, and it can be used in a nearly unimaginable range of products.

Bamboo plants sequester four times as much carbon dioxide as hardwood trees (taking in 62 tons of CO2 per 2.4 acres versus 16 tons per 2.4 acres of trees) and puts out 35 percent more oxygen. And then there’s the rate of harvesting: Bamboo can be harvested every 5-10 years, much faster than trees used for other forest-based products.

Take a look at bamboo. Take a look at Headwaters.