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Do it with bamboo. Headwaters bamboo. Get a two-tip Deluxe Series bamboo rod for $398 plus $15 shipping. Use coupon code: DELUXE100 at checkout.

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We make fishing bamboo accessible with high quality affordable bamboo fly rods backed by a lifetime warranty and money back 30-day guarantee.

The rods are gorgeous—just ask one of our thousands of customers. Here’s a direct quote from Dan S., a recent customer: “David–just got notice that it arrived. Went home and opened the box. It’s beautiful! Thanks.”

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Quality bamboo at affordable prices. We are ready to ship as soon as you are ready to order. Headwaters Bamboo Rod Company has been supplying bamboo rods to fly anglers worldwide for over fourteen years. We’ve sold thousands of rods and have made a lot of anglers very happy fishing bamboo. Get a Headwaters bamboo rod and get out there.

If you have  further questions about Headwaters, please call 1.866.432.3928 or email Or just open up the Chat Window. We’re happy to talk most anytime.

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We may come to our senses and end this offer at any time…

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

We have thousands of happy customers and industry experts who are thrilled with our rods.

“It was far more responsive than I expected, it controls a lot like a traditional rod, but with a little more ease and flair. It’s easy to see why Headwaters has gained such a loyal customer base. Quality bamboo at a reasonable price!”

-Frank Martin, Publisher, High Country Angler

“These are powerful, fun-to-cast, yet delicate, fine-tipped rods that allow for excellent casting distances and pinpoint accuracy.”

-Product Review, Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine

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