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Buy a Field Grade Series rod, get the Reel and Line FREE!

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    • St. Joe Classic Fly Reel. A simple yet elegant machined click-and-pawl action reel to take the complexity out of fly fishing. $98.
      • EB Series Fly Line. Extended belly designed for bamboo acts as double taper AND weight-forward line to make you a powerful fly caster. $48.
        • Field Grade Series Rods. Exceptional value bamboo rods in two taper models to take you anywhere from your favorite spring creek to wide-open western rivers. $398.

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Try it for 30 days. Wiggle it. Cast it. Fish it. If you are not completely satisfied, return it for full refund. 

And includes a lifetime warranty!

It was far more responsive than I expected, it controls a lot like a traditional rod, but with a little more ease and flair. It’s easy to see why Headwaters has gained such a loyal customer base. Quality bamboo at a reasonable price!

Frank Martin 
Publisher, High Country Angler