So Just Why Is Fishing Bamboo So Compelling?


Here’s our impression of the bamboo fly fishing experience:

Maybe You’ll Fish Better.

Bamboo’s weight works to a fly fisher’s advantage: the bamboo’s mass propels the line to give the feel of the rod casting itself. At the center of a bamboo rod is a soft, pithy substance that dampens vibration, slowing down and delaying the transmission of useless motion. The hard exterior enamel strengthens the bamboo. These elements combine to give the bamboo rod a smooth, more natural action, with incredible strength and durability.

Every fly angler ought to fish bamboo. Whether you’re hobbled by the prohibitive cost of custom rods or the heirloom sentiment of an antique, a reasonably priced Headwaters rod proves a fishable alternative.

Bamboo inherently has remarkable flex action. This enhanced arc is a loading multiplier that generates amplified momentum, making your casts effortless and buttery smooth. Skip Pritchard of Stone Creek Anglers in Walla Walla, Washington, says:

“I love fishing your rods. I use them when I instruct casting and they are great tools to get people to feel loading of the rod and the gentle rhythm that comes with bamboo.”




Fish Elegantly.

Fly fishing author Arnold Gingrich said:

“On the day that Jascha Heifitz plays a plastic violin in the New York Philharmonic I would consider using a rod made of synthetic materials.”

World-class music is made on exceptional instruments. An exquisite bamboo rod of six strips of Tonkin cane artfully split and tempered, then meticulously finished, is an instrument of incomparable casting quality with an appearance of fine art. A bamboo rod will literally take your breath away—the craftsmanship is exquisite in its fine detail. You will come to delight in the workmanship and grace of bamboo.

If you’ve longed for bamboo, Headwaters is your welcome home. Our classic bamboo rod tapers have a silky smooth action to delight anglers with a preference for fine crafted rods with a relaxed casting rhythm. Anglers worldwide have discovered the exhilaration of fishing Headwaters bamboo.

Six hand-planed strips of genuine Tonkin cane form a rich texture of functional yet timeless craftsmanship. Quality hardware complements the natural elegance of bamboo.





Fish Environmentally Responsibly.

Bamboo is green. Really green. Bamboo is a natural, renewable material. And this yields a superb handcrafted tool for the environmentally conscientious fly angler.

Bamboo has a positive reputation when it comes to the environment. It grows quickly, earning it the moniker of a rapidly renewable resource as opposed to a plain old renewable resource, a title given to everything from trees to corn to chicken feathers. It doesn’t need pesticides or much water, it pulls carbon dioxide out of the air, and it can be used in a nearly unimaginable range of products.

Bamboo plants sequester four times as much carbon dioxide as hardwood trees (taking in 62 tons of CO2 per 2.4 acres versus 16 tons per 2.4 acres of trees) and puts out 35 percent more oxygen. And then there’s the rate of harvesting: Bamboo can be harvested every 5-10 years, much faster than trees used for other forest-based products.


And, Finally, Fishing Bamboo is Flat Out Fun!

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It’s simple. Once you fish it, you’ll get it. Bamboo is fun to fish. The flex is different. The fight is different. You feel it like no other material. And it is crafted like no other rod.

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You have no reason not to try a Headwaters bamboo rod!

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