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Headwaters was established in 2002 with a commitment to build accessible and fun-to-fish bamboo fly rods for the fly angling community. At Headwaters bamboo rod company we take the wait and the expense out of a bamboo rod purchase. We have most models in stock and if not, we can usually ship within 2-4 weeks. 

You may have noticed the connection to Oregon rivers in our rod model descriptions. David Rogers, Headwaters owner, is an Oregon native and spent decades in these beautiful environs. He and his family have recently picked up and settled in Idaho’s rugged northern panhandle for a new chapter in their lives. Maybe we’ll see some new models sporting the names of Idaho rivers in the future. 



One thought on “About Us

  1. David,
    Picked up my Santiam 4wt 7ft rod from you in Hillsboro OR back in 2004, it quickly became my favorite rod for streams and small rivers and I have caught more fish on this rod than any other I own. The traditional action allows me to give a more delicate presentation and it does a much better job of protecting the tippet than a carbon rod when fighting a fish. Rod is still in great shape and has survived a number of falls and dunkings, much to my relief. I was out with it just the other day and landed 11 good sized cutthroat one pushing 17 inches which I thought I wouldn’t be able to land with the 5X tippet I had on but managed to get it in the net on the third attempt. It is a lovely rod that gets lots of admiring comments on the water.
    Keep up the good work.

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