2017 President’s Day Sale – Get Presidential with Jimmy Carter

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President Carter and Fly Fishing

Peter Nardini, of the American Museum of Fly Fishing, recently wrote a piece called: Museum Pieces: Anglers-in-Chief (you can read his entire piece about fly fishing presidents here).

“Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, are both avid fly anglers, to say the least, traveling as far as Mongolia to pursue taimen in 2013. During his presidency, he struck up many friendships with equally presidential figures in the fly-fishing world, including Lee Wulff, Vince Marinaro, Dave Whitlock, and Ed Shenck. Camp David played a central role in the Carters’ fly fishing journey, as there was fantastic trout fishing nearby at Big Hunting Creek, and the President even held a weekend-long fly-fishing summit with Vince Marinaro and others in 1980. According to his autobiography, Rosalynn learned to fly-cast there as well, “practicing for hours casting into the swimming pool at Camp David. She had a natural talent and soon developed precise control and proper placement of the fly.”

President Carter kept an extensive collection of fly fishing and tying books in his library, figuring that little lessons learned in books and repetition on the stream earned the persistent fly fisherman the slightest upper hand in tackling tricky angling situations. Because, when it comes down to it, the trout really don’t care if you are the President or an Average Joe as long as you place the fly in the right spot.”

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  1. Fished with Jimmy and Rosalynn many times on the Red Rock River in Montana in the late 1990’s on Ted Turner’s ranch. John Denver, Jane Fonda and Ted amongst others had 7 miles of of the best trout fishing in the USA.

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