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Presidents Day


President Eisenhower and Fly Fishing

Peter Nardini, of the American Museum of Fly Fishing, recently wrote a piece called: Museum Pieces: Anglers-in-Chief (you can read his entire piece about fly fishing presidents here).

The former President and General was serious about his hobbies, becoming proficient in golf, fly-fishing, shooting, and painting. He was so adept at catching fish that he once got in trouble for going over his creel limit while fishing in Colorado (even Presidents aren’t exempt). Though he fished in Vermont, Maine, and Rhode Island, Eisenhower was partial to Colorado, having made it his second home during military assignments, and famously took the ex-President Hoover fishing 10,000 feet up in the high Rockies at St. Louis Creek after attending the Iowa State Fair.

It is said that President Eisenhower logged over forty fishing trips during his Presidency and 800 rounds of golf. He explained the reason why he gravitated to outdoor sports in a White House press conference:

“There are three sports that I like all for the same reason; golf, fishing and shooting…because they take you into the fields, they induce you to take at any one time, two to three hours, when you are thinking of the bird, ball or wily trout. Now to my mind this is a very healthful, beneficial kind of thing and I do it whenever I get a chance”.

Be like Ike and go fishing.

Check out an interesting clip here of Eisenhower fishing and teaching Richard Nixon a few fly casting lessons…there is a reason that Nixon does not appear on this list.


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