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Blanks - For the Do-It-Yourselfer

Many do-it-yourselfers want to build their own bamboo rod but do not want to build the blank. If this fits your profile, a bamboo blank from Headwaters may be just the thing for you. With one of our blanks, you can outfit it with the hardware that you like and can be fishing bamboo in no time.

Blanks are offered as follows:

  • Two matched tips
  • Super Z style Nickel Silver ferrules attached
  • Khaki rod bag

Blanks Available in Six Models

The Grande Ronde. 6′ 6″ 3-wt. Medium action. 2.3 oz. Dickerson 6611 taper.

As a medium action taper, the Grande Ronde is exceptional for working in small, brushy streams and spring creeks.

The smooth progression allows for more “feel” when fighting even the smallest fish. This light and delicate taper is maneuverable for presentations to 40 feet. The Grande Ronde fishes well with action inherent in fine classic bamboo rods.

Put fun into your small stream experience with the Grande Ronde.

The Santiam. 7′ 0″ 4-wt. Medium action. 2.7 oz. Garrison 201e taper.

The Santiam fishes with a confident relaxed action inherent in fine bamboo rods. Its progressive medium action loads well as demand is place on it. This action works well for both close-in situations and moderate distance.

Its easy loading, precise casting, and crisp, responsive action makes it a joy to fish.

Discover the pleasure of the Santiam for yourself and see why it is our most popular taper.

The Metolius. 7′ 6″ 5-wt. Medium action. 3.2 oz. Payne 101 taper.

The Metolius provides a balance between power and accuracy. This classic medium taper is well-designed and does not easily overload. The Metolius is a superb versatile taper for varying fishing conditions. If you’re looking for one bamboo rod that does it all, the Metolius is a good choice.

Well suited for wet or dry fly action, the Metolius embodies the experience of fly fishing at its best.

Put your fly fishing skills to the test with the Metolius.

The Breitenbush. 7′ 0″ 4-wt. Medium fast action. 2.9 oz. Phillipson Peerless taper.

Fly anglers who prefer a faster-action bamboo rod will be thrilled with the Breitenbush. This powerful, medium-fast taper is delightful to cast. Built for smaller streams and spring creeks, this taper is ideal for close-in action yet has excellent reach and achieves pinpoint accuracy.

This taper is fun to cast and makes a handsome addition to a rod collection.

This taper is exciting to fish and a pleasure to behold.

The Rogue. 7′ 6″ 5-wt. Medium fast action. 3.6 oz. Phillipson Peerless taper.

The same medium-fast taper of the Breitenbush is engineered to 7’ 6” for the action and excitement in a larger rod for powerful long casts and accuracy. Whether working a large body of water or in tight quarters, the quick response of this rod will bring pleasure to any angler.

The medium-fast action of this rod provides a feel that you can only get with a fine bamboo rod. This rod is excellent for fighting larger fish.

The Deschutes. 8′ 0″ 5-wt. Medium action. 4.7 oz. Dickerson 8014 taper.

The Deschutes is a workhorse that will cast across the water and cut through the breeze—to land the fly just where you want it. This medium action taper gives good distance and is the fishing equivalent of high performance.

Anglers who want distance and accuracy will want to have a Deschutes in their cache. The Deschutes rod is an artful combination of strength and agility—perfectly balanced and detailed.

Give authority to your fly presentations.

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